Simonster Bodyweight Strength @ Motivity

Simonster Bodyweight Strength @ Motivity



Learn from a world leading bodyweight expert, Simon Ata. This bodyweight strength training workshop will provide a systematic method for getting strong through bodyweight training. This workshop is suitable for ALL ability levels, and will provide a blueprint for progressing from absolute beginner to bodyweight mastery.

The workshop will consist of two three-hour sessions with an hour break in between.


Saturday & Sunday  July 11-12th 2020

10am-5pm both days

You will learn:

How to create a bodyweight training program

How to progress bodyweight exercises from easy to hard

Fundamental strength skills

Injury prevention

Mobility/flexibility development

Skills covered:


Handstand push-up


Front lever

Human flag (side lever)


Basic acrobatics

With a background in physiotherapy, Simon will be teaching science based methods for maximizing strength with emphasis on safety and longevity. The purpose of this workshop is to empower participants with knowledge and techniques they can apply to their own practice to further their development.


Price: $300 USD

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