Motivity (the power of moving or produce motion) was born out of the love of movement, longevity, and health. It’s at the core of life because there is no greater strength than having a real connection between your body and mind and be able to use the gift of movement at will.


The core of our method of physical conditioning is utilizing gymnastics exercises to create healthier, stronger and more flexible bodies.

Classes are both for the beginner and advanced student and are based on progressive exercises scaled to create lean and strong muscles.We focus on stretching, mobility, joint pre-habilitation, and a full-body core workout that guarantees to challenge the strongest athlete.

Our approach aims for proper intelligent programming and a dedication to deepening the understanding of the body. We take time first to work on your weakest link (injuries, chronic holding patterns, etc) and strengthen and mobilize the ligaments, muscle fibers and joints before progressing to the next level. Not only will you get a great workout, but you will have fun! We encourage a playfulness with exercise.

Radoslav Rangelov

"What has always been a driver for me in my work is seeing the proof of every effort we make together with a client manifesting in improving his or her life. The strength, skills and overall mindset that clients build while working with me is the true reward and gives me real purpose.

I try to show people a different perspective on movement, nutrition, breathing, and strength both physical and mental. I am always in search of working systems because working with every person requires an individual approach. It is my belief that we need to constantly educate ourselves about our body and mind in order to maintain longevity and health.

For the last few years, I have been training and working with clients and have continually been obtaining knowledge about the human body. I have been learning from the best in the world and I have tested many training methods to extract the essence of what works and discard the rest. In that time I have obtained some qualifications as well:

- GymnasticBodies Athlete

- Functional Range Conditioning Mobility specialist

- Kinesiological Stretching Specialist

- Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health Professional

- Exercise Psychology Professional

- Precision Nutrition Level 1 (in progress)

- Certified Online Trainer from OTC

- Anatomy in Motion practitioner

- Z-Health certified"

- Oxygen Advantage Instructor

Radoslav Rangelov

Kristian Kiryakov

"Throughout my own practice, I've found that strength and mobility training, and the patience and discipline which follow leak into most other things we do in life.

Challenging and surprising yourself is one of the best feelings, and I would be glad to take part and help you achieve your goals."



Kristian Kiryakov

Dilyana Enicharova

“Many people feel intimidated to start training and think of training as something boring, and often say "it’s not their thing". Being familiar with the feeling I want to reach as many people and try to help them change their perception, and to show them that movement is the best investment they can do in their health.

Knowing the impact training has on our lives and health, I strive to distill the essential information from different sources in health and fitness, and share it with all people I work with.

Some of my certifications are:

- Precision Nutrition L1
- Pre and Postnatal Coaching Certification (GirlsGoneStrong Foundation)
- Mobility Wod Certified
- Poliquin Foundations of Periodization and Program Design (in progress)"

Dilyana Enicharova